N737: 7 inch Super Thin, Cortex A8 1.5ghz processor, front camera, SD Card slot

This item has been discontinued by chameleontablets.com. However, we will make the item available again if we get enough customer interest. So if you are interested in this tablet, just click here to send an automated email to us showing interest in this tablet. If we get enough in...


A100: 10 inch, DualCore Tablet or Combo Package

  Special Combo Package Includes: Micro USB Keyboard/ case 4 FT. HDMI Cable Standard/Mini USB Car Charger   The 10 Inch Model A100    DRAMATIC PRICE REDUCTION and Now with RockChip 3168 DUAL CORE PROCESSOR!!!!!!   Our 10.1 in...


7 Inch Keyboard/Case Combo

Keyboard/case combo are currently available in various different colors. Please choose your favorite color when ordering. ...


CT900 9 inch DUAL CORE Cortex A9 1.5ghz, Dual Camera, HDMI


9 inch tablet PC 9in. tablet, 9 inch Android, 9 inch DualCore, 9" dual core...


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At Chameleon tablets we know there are many questions about Android tablets and we are here to help with many answers and solutions.

Our Website is geared to educating our potential customers about the Android operating system, what it can do, why you may want to choose it over other operating systems and devices.

The owners of Chameleon Tablets have over 30 years in the manufacture, design and repair of many type electronic, mechanical and computer controlled devices and instrumentation. We built Chameleon Tablets using this vast experience in mass produced electronics to build the best most usable tablets yet maintain a suitable price.

Chameleon Tablets does not buy "off the shelf tablets" as do most other Tablet sellers. We choose the subassemblies and combination of components that we dictate to our manufacturer and insist on the quality proceedures we have put into place.

Many budget tablets are just that. They choose the cheapest material to build the cheapest tablets in order to sell the lowest priced tablet. The end result is usually a tablet that lacks greatly in both overall performance as well as quality of the overall product.

Using our 30 years experience we are able to assemble a quality tablet that performs as expected and required with the minimum chance of failure from manufacturing defects. We highlight points of weakness in other tablets and strive to improve our tablets in these areas such as battery size, quality assembly and checkpoints, use of quality processors and memory devices to ensure the absolute smoothest tablet performance. This allows customers that grow to trust us to not have to put too much thought into the technical aspects of their tablet purchase. If we are producing it you can rest assured that we have chosen and tested all components for best performance, manufactured the tablet under the highest quality standards, and that the tablet will do the job that it was intended to do.If we feel the tablet requires it to function properly, we put it in regardless of cost.

So learn to trust and use chameleontablets.com as a tool to assist you in your Android experience from purchase decisions to instructional tips and tricks and for ideas on how you can use your Chameleon Tablet to enhance and improve your everyday life.


  • The Parts Department: Here you will be able to find parts for all chameleon tablets to mess around with or to just repair an old tablet.. Currently, if you need a part just call us. There is a good chance we have it in stock.
  • Tools and Software download: Here you will be able to download the latest frimware for your tablet and the tools and instructions you will need to modify and install it.
  • Repair Guides: Here we will compile pictures and instructons for many different types of repairs from changing the battery to the LCD screen.

Chameleon Tablets is a new way of thinking about Tablet Pc's. First thing is that a tablet is not just a personal portable computer. In some ways it is much more, in other ways it may seem limited compared to a full power PC.

We at Chameleon Tablets look at tablets as "portable configurable electronic devices". NOT A PERSONAL COMPUTER. Android devices seem to take on a unique character and function depending on the owner of the device. For example, the exact same tablet in one persons hands becomes a gaming device filled with every game imaginable while another individual may transform his or her tablet into a networking super tool allowing them to access files from their home pc from anywhere in the world. Another individual may configure their device to become a valuable tool for their trade such as Truckers, Auto Mechanics, Teachers and Nurses. So be creative and discover the new world of Android Tablets and realize all that they can do for you.

Good Luck in your purchase and thank you for considering Chameleon Tablets.






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